2017 Riesling  (‘ReeH-S-Ling’)

OZ Cooper, Willunga

Riesling also Known as the 'King of Grapes', is a sturdy, late-ripening white wine grape variety, well suited to a myriad of sites throughout the New and Old Worlds. Riesling largely produces exquisite dry white wines, this one is no exception, soft floral aromatics,  hints of lime and citrus & minerality coming through on the palate.

Picked on the 1st March 2017, minimal intervention, cool ferment to maintain the aromatics & is also vegan friendly.

Paige is currently working her way through a bachelor in winemaking at Charles Sturt university & her hard work is paying off if this wine is anything to go by.

Winemaker: Paige Cooper


2017 Frontiagnac (‘Fron-tee-n-yack’)

Lino RamBle, Mclaren Vale

 Dating back to Greek and Roman times, the ancient frontignac variety is thought to be the oldest in existence. It is well known for producing Italian Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti styles as well as the sweet wines of France’s Rhone Valley and Banyuls. Frontignac is a highly aromatic grape with a powerful perfume that follows through into the mouth. Typical characters include florals, orange blossom, jasmine and plenty of spice

Winemaker: Andy Coppard


2017 Fume Blanc (‘FOO-may BLAHNK’)

Jericho Wines, Kuipto, Adelaide Hills

 This is not your typical Sauvignon Blanc. Inspired the French, barrel fermented in old French oak and aged on lees for 5 months. Allowing spice, complexity and a soft luscious texture to develop. The style of Fumé Blanc gives the wine elegance and interest from barrel fermentation, while the classic fresh and tropical fruit varietal characters remain.

Winemaker: Neil Jericho


NEW! 2017 Pinot Grigio  (‘Pee-noh Gree-she-oh’)

sabella Vineyards,  Mclaren Vale

Pinot Grigio is a light-bodied elegant wine which provides a fresh perspective to the white wine enthusiast.

The acidity is bright but well-balanced, almost silk-like. Nicely balanced with layers of minerals and light, fresh herbs the wine is mesmerising with a slight blush to distinguish the variety. Great with seafood



Winemaker: Unknown



2017 Aglianico  (‘ahl-YAHN-ee-koh’)

By Jingo! Wines, Riverland

Aglianico  is a full-bodied red wine which is found almost exclusively in Southern Italy in the regions of Campania and Basilicata. Young Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat.

This unfiltered wine by the guys at ByJingo! was Hand-picked from single vineyard & basket pressed producing a beautiful all-rounder, high acidity with sour cherry, plum, chocolate & cinnamon coming through.                                                           

Winemaker: John Gilbert


NEW! 2015 Tempranillo  (‘Tem-prah-kneel-oh’)

Stonebridge, Clare Valley

 This is our first from Temp from Clare Valley and it won’t be the last, this wine is a crowd pleaser with its soft tannins & fruit, we describe it as a pretty wine. Winemaker is Angela Meaney at Stonebridge Wines.

Fruit for this wine is from the Polish Hill River subregion of Clare Valley. harvested at 13.5° Baume and cold soaked before ferment to retain the natural aromas. A lighter bodied, soft style of wine with some savoury, earthy characters on the palate but also some fresh red berry flavours as it warms up. The finish is long with good structure which makes it a great food wine.


2016 Zinfandel  (‘Zin-FAHN-dell’)

Haselgrove Wines, Mclaren Vale

Haselgrove focuses on small batch winemaking, a place that allows winemakers the space and the means to make hand crafted quality wines in smaller quantities & where this fine Zinfandel (also known as Primitivo) was born. Zinfandel is a variety of black-skinned grape. Zinfandel can quite typically be quite big and robust, this has Juicy mouth feel, lively acidity, plum, red berries, mocha & spice, balanced with slightly chalky tannins & a savoury finish. This wine is a must try.


2017 Montepulciano (‘mon-teh-pool-CHAH-nooh’)

Lino RamBle, Mclaren Vale

Andy Coppard and Angie Townsend started up their small wine project ‘Lino Ramble’ in 2012. Their philosphy being “the right grape grown in the right place & farmed in a sustainable fashion” will give you a great wine evrytime.

Single vineyard, biodynamic, cool ferment & aged in old French oak giving us a medium-bodied wine with lively fresh red berry fruits, contrasting spicy tannins with hints of cardamom & elevated acidity. This wine is a match made in heaven with Serrano Jamon on the side.

Winemaker: Andy Coppard


2017 Shiraz  (‘Shee-Raz’)

Haselgrove Wines, Aldinga

Shiraz is Australia’s number one grape variety. Known as ‘Syrah’ in the rest of the world, this is a very adaptable grape, which demonstrates a number of different styles, depending on where it’s grown.  This is a cooler climate style Shiraz, on the nose fresh herbs, subtle spice and a little oak. On the palate offering dark berries, hints of fennel and chewy tannins.

Winemaker: unknown


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon  (‘Cab-bear-NEH Sohv-IN-yohn’)

Wine curator Co, Barossa

 Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most recognised red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major wine producing country, from Canada to Lebanon. It became internationally recognised through its prominence in France. For most of the 20th century, it was the world's most widely planted premium red wine grape until it was surpassed by Merlot in the 1990s.

This particular Cab is from Single vineyard on the southern border of Marananga and Stone Well. Aged in seasoned French oak , on the palate we get  Blueberries and dark fruits.  

Winemaker: Tom White


Fortified Wine

Fortified Tokay/Muscat Blend

Seppeltsfield, Barossa Valley

Fortified wines are wines that have simply had a spirit added to them (usually brandy). Many different types of fortified have been developed, including Port, Sherry, Madiera, Marsala & Vermouth. Created by the English, the original reason for fortifying wines was for preservation during transport. We have created our own exclusive fortified blend specifically for Cantina. It was selected from various fortifieds on offer at Seppeltsfield Wines in the Barossa Valley, which boasts the longest unbroken lineage of fortified wines in the world, dating back to 1878. This blend contains 75% Tokay (5-10 years old) and 25% Muscat (20+ years old). The resulting wine has a great balance of freshness, aromatics and citrus (from the Tokay) and depth, concentration and raisins from the Muscat.




NV Prosecco - Piemonte, Italy

Notes currently unavailable

Moscato -  Bera, Piemonte, Italy

Notes currently unavailable

2017 Fiano Pet Nat (Pet-Naht) Ring o Rosie,

Lino Ramble Mclaren Vale

This frisky little number is a naturally made sparkling wine made from Fiano. Andy Coppard at Lino Ramble have become enamoured with this wild, unfined, unfiltered, preservative free and friendly style of fizz and with Fiano’s brilliant natural acidity and mouth-filling texture, it makes it this a very punter friendly Pet Nat.There’s lemon, green apple and pears and a lick of sea spray to sniff on. In the mouth it’s a crunchy fizzy thing. A margarita like salty lime tang. It’s a sour and mouth-watering thing which keeps you coming back. Such a fun little fizz.

Winemaker: Andy Coppard

2012 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling  - BOTTLE ONLY

Romney Park, Adelaide Hills

Their focus is to grow the best quality fruit then preserve the clean pristine flavours throughout the winemaking process. All their wines are fermented in small batches on indigenous yeasts and matured solely in French oak barriques. Whole bunch pressed, barrel fermented, this beautifully made sparkling has bright acidity, stone fruit citrus & a beautiful fine bead

Winemaker: Rodney Short

2017 ‘Making Space’, Syrah Pet Nat,

Shobbrook Wines, (Barossa)

The wines are made as naturally as possible using the wild yeasts that are part of each vineyard's ecosystem, and adding only a tiny amount of sulphur before bottling. Tom is part of a new movement in the Barossa Valley; making wines as naturally as possible. What that means scientifically is perhaps less important than the ethos behind the practice: generosity, conviviality and heartiness.

winemaker: Tom Shobbrook

2016 Freisa– Sparkling Red (‘Freh-z-ah’) BOTTLE ONLY

Voerziomartini, ‘Lamorrina’ (Langhe, Italy)

A new company but with a great history as it represents the continuity OF Gianni Voerzio. In La Morra, outside Alba in northwestern Italy, is the wealthy winemaker Gianni Voerzio's vineyard. There, wine has been cultivated since Roman times. In 2015 siblings, Mirko Martini and Federica Martini, joined Gianni and have been learning all he has to share the past few years. Mirko and Federica, close family friends and from another historic wine family themselves bring fresh innovative ideas to compliment this historic old world winery. This Freisa, native vine of the oldest, genetically linked to Nebbiolo, is called LaMorrina & Slightly sparkling with intense ruby olor, scent of raspberry and rose. Sorso alive, energetic, tasty. It is not easy to sparkle, it has a nice texture, tannins garbati, fullness, harmony. A smiling red. 

Winemakers: Mirko & Frederica Martini


2017 ‘Pee Wee’ Rose, Nero d’avola,

Lino Ramble Mclaren Vale

Notes currently unavailable

Winemaker: Andy Coppard