2015 Riesling (‘reeh-za-ling’) By Jingo! Lenswood, Adelaide Hills

Riesling is a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany. Riesling is an aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity This Riesling is grown in the cooler climate of the hills, hand-picked, free run and aged in tank and barrel. Full bodied dry intense fruit driven nose of green apple & nashi pear with a slight zesty finish.

Winemaker: John Gilbert

2015 Pinot Grigio  (‘Pee-noh Gree-she-oh’) Serafino, Mclaren Vale

Our pinot grigio is sourced from the highly acclaimed winery Serafino, who have been making wine in South Australia since 1968. The grigio style is achieved by harvesting the grapes relatively early, in an attempt to retain as much fresh acidity as possible; the variety is naturally quite low in acidity. It was gently pressed and put directly into a seasoned french oak hogsheads. This wine is an elegant fruit driven dry wine style with a medium bodied mouth feel and balanced texture. Full of flavour, with hint of nashi pear and a lychee gingery sweetness.

Winemaker: Ben Jones

2016 Grüner Veltliner (‘grew-ner velt-lin-her’) By Jingo! Lenswood, Adelaide Hills

Grüner Veltliner is a dry white wine that grows almost only in Austria. With flavors of green pepper and lime, Grüner Veltliner is an exotic alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. A soft elegant wine with flavors of peach, melon and green apple with a slight mineral like taste coming through. Gruner Veltliner is a versatile wine with food pairing. We suggest trying it with our sardines on rye or the baked camembert.

Winemaker: John Gilbert

2017 Fiano (‘Fee-ah-no’) Faux Pas Wines, Mclaren Vale/Maslins Region

A Southern Italian white wine grape originally from Campania with floral, citrus and nutty aromas that’s commonly blended in white wines. This fiano has many layers, acidity, texture with floral nose. Whole bunch pressed, free run ferment in stainless steel, on skins then time in seasoned French Oak on lees, with minimal So2 Added. Bright acidity, well balanced with hints of grapefruit.

Winemaker: Liam Van Pelt


2017 Aglianicon  (‘ahl-YAHN-ee-koh’) By Jingo! Wines, Riverland

Tasting notes currently unavailable

Winemaker: John Gilbert

2012 Sangiovese (‘san-joh -VAY-zeh’) By Jingo! Wines, Adelaide Hills, single vineyard

This 2012 Sangiovese has been grown in the cooler climate of the hills, the vineyard is located at Paracombe. This is a very versatile grape, with the ability to produce tannic, age-worthy wine; or in this case, a very bright, juicy wine & very easy drinking.  Hand-picked fruit, whole bunch fermented and aged in oak. After 5 years’ winemaker John Gilbert  Passed the wine over Reserve Montepulciano skins; creating what is known as ‘Ripasso’ this helps to create a wine with texture & Grippy tannins. On the palate Look for plump red berry fruits, Lifted raspberry, plenty of spice and a luscious sweet fruit.

Winemaker: John Gilbert

2015 Grenache/ Touriga Nacional (‘Gruh-nah-ssh/ too-REE-gah nah-see-on-AHL ’) Faux Pas Wines, Mclaren Vale

Winemaker: Liam Van Pelt

2015 TEMPRANILLO (‘temp-prah-NEE-yo’) Stonebridge, Clare Valley

Fruit for this wine is from the Polish Hill River subregion of Clare Valley. We harvested at 13.5° Baume and cold soaked before ferment to retain the natural aromas. A lighter bodied, soft style of wine with some savoury, earthy characters on the palate but also some fresh red berry flavours as it warms up. The finish is long with good structure which makes it a great food wine.

Winemaker: Angela Meaney

2014 Montepulciano (‘mon-teh-pool-CHAH-nooh’) By Jingo! Wines, Mclaren Vale

John Gilbert is no stranger with this classic Italian style grape, hand-picked, whole bunch ferment aged in French oak hogshead to soften the tannins. Lively fresh red berry fruits contrasting spicy tannins with hints of cardamom. Medium-bodied red wines like Montepulciano generally pair with a wide variety of foods due to natural elevated acidity. However, with Montepulciano, the robust herbal and tobacco-like flavors with grippy tannin often call for richer and more savory foods. Montepulciano will cut through some of the meatiest meats (like beef brisket).

Winemaker: John Gilbert

2016 Barbera (‘Bah-BEH-rah’) Dogridge Wines, langhorne creek

Barbera is second only to Nebbiolo in Northern Italy, and is renowned for having high acidity. This however can be one of the most satisfying wines with a range of foods. Lifted and aromatic. Sour cherry and spice on the nose. The palate is medium bodied with bright fruit, red berries and a hint of earth.

Winemaker: Fred Howard

2015  SHIRAZ (‘Shee-razz’) Stonebridge, Clare Valley

The Shiraz was harvested at optimal flavour ripeness from our vineyard at Armagh, a few kilometres north west of Clare township. Fermented in the traditional manner, then pressed directly to oak to complete ferment. We used 25% new French oak, 15% new American oak with the balance in 3rd use oak for 15 months, then racked to 100% 3rd use French oak for another 9 months. The oak and oak tannin has married with the red berry fruit to deliver a soft, elegant, very approachable and drinkable Shiraz.

Winemaker: Angela Meaney

 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon  (‘Cab-bear-NEH Sohv-IN-yohn’) Wine curator Co, Barossa

Tasting notes currently unavailable

Winemaker: Tom White

Fortified Wine

2007 Fortified Shiraz -By Jingo! Adelaide Hills (Mt Barker)

This very limited fortified Shiraz is a little bit special, handpicked fruit was allowed to ferment for 3 days, and it was then fortified with brandy spirit to retain a natural fresh fruit. Vibrant fruits of black berry and strawberry with a toasty cherry and cinnamon, winter in a glass. The port has been allowed to mature in new French oak barriques.

Fortified Tokay/Muscat Blend Seppeltsfield, Barossa Valley

Fortified wines are wines that have simply had a spirit added to them (usually brandy). Many different types of fortified have been developed, including Port, Sherry, Madiera, Marsala & Vermouth. Created by the English, the original reason for fortifying wines was for preservation during transport. We have created our own exclusive fortified blend specifically for Cantina. It was selected from various fortifieds on offer at Seppeltsfield Wines in the Barossa Valley, which boasts the longest unbroken lineage of fortified wines in the world, dating back to 1878. This blend contains 75% Tokay (5-10 years old) and 25% Muscat (20+ years old). The resulting wine has a great balance of freshness, aromatics and citrus (from the Tokay) and depth, concentration and raisins from the Muscat.




NV Prosecco - Piemonte, Italy

Notes currently unavailable

Moscato -  Bera, Piemonte, Italy

Notes currently unavailable

2017 Fiano Pet Nat (Pet-Naht)

Lino Ramble, Ring o Rosie, Mclaren Vale

This frisky little number is a naturally made sparkling wine made from Fiano. Andy Coppard at Lino Ramble have become enamoured with this wild, unfined, unfiltered, preservative free and friendly style of fizz and with Fiano’s brilliant natural acidity and mouth-filling texture, it makes it this a very punter friendly Pet Nat.There’s lemon, green apple and pears and a lick of sea spray to sniff on. In the mouth it’s a crunchy fizzy thing. A margarita like salty lime tang. It’s a sour and mouth-watering thing which keeps you coming back. Such a fun little fizz.

Winemaker: Andy Coppard

2012 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling  - BOTTLE ONLY

Romney Park, Adelaide Hills

Their focus is to grow the best quality fruit then preserve the clean pristine flavours throughout the winemaking process. All their wines are fermented in small batches on indigenous yeasts and matured solely in French oak barriques. Whole bunch pressed, barrel fermented, this beautifully made sparkling has bright acidity, stone fruit citrus & a beautiful fine bead

Winemaker: Rodney Short

2016 Freisa– Sparkling Red (‘Freh-z-ah’) BOTTLE ONLY

Voerziomartini, ‘Lamorrina’ (Langhe, Italy)

A new company but with a great history as it represents the continuity OF Gianni Voerzio. In La Morra, outside Alba in northwestern Italy, is the wealthy winemaker Gianni Voerzio's vineyard. There, wine has been cultivated since Roman times. In 2015 siblings, Mirko Martini and Federica Martini, joined Gianni and have been learning all he has to share the past few years. Mirko and Federica, close family friends and from another historic wine family themselves bring fresh innovative ideas to compliment this historic old world winery. This Freisa, native vine of the oldest, genetically linked to Nebbiolo, is called LaMorrina & Slightly sparkling with intense ruby olor, scent of raspberry and rose. Sorso alive, energetic, tasty. It is not easy to sparkle, it has a nice texture, tannins garbati, fullness, harmony. A smiling red. 

Winemakers: Mirko & Frederica Martini


2017 ROSE (‘Row-zay’) Whistler Wines ’Dry as a Bone’ Barossa Valley

A blend of 66% Grenache and 34% Mataro, with half of the Grenache coming from vines over 65 years old, near Greenock. The majority of this fruit was grown here on our own vineyards using organic practices. Our soils are quite shallow and have outcrops of ironstone in the vineyard, which gives the wine a nice savoury edge.

Winemaker: Josh Pfeiffer



Voerziomartini, ‘la serra’ (Barolo, Italy)

Exotic and beautiful with ripe berries, burnt oranges and hints of coffee and Chinese tea. Full body, soft and silky tannins and a flavorful finish. Drinkable but wait three or four years to see the magic. Barolo is a traditional hillside village in the rolling hills of Piedmont, northwestern Italy. The vineyards and cantine (wineries) there have long been famous for producing some of Italy's very finest red wines – predominantly from the region's signature grape variety Nebbiolo.

Winemakers: Mirko & Frederica Martini